• Started in 15th century by Guru Nanak
  • Fifth largest organized faith in the world
  • Monotheistic religion
  • Holy book "Granth Sahib" is the living Guru

Definition of God in Sikhism?

The opening hymn "JUPJI" in the Guru "Granth Sahib" describes god (WAH-GURU) as:

Ek Onkaar - There is only one "Ek" creator "Onkaar"

Sat - Naam - Onkaar is the only truth, Sat (True) Naam (Name)

Kartaa - Onkaar is the doer of all actions

Purakh - The doer is both invisible and visible

Nir-bhau - Onkaar is Nir (Devoid) of Bhau (Fear)

Nir-Vaar Onkaar is Nir (Devoid) of Vaar (Enimity)

Akal - Onkaar is not part of the time and space, it is the creator of even time & space

Murat - This Murat (Form) is not part of time & space and thus, is invisible

Ajooni - Joon means the cycle of birth & rebirth, a-Jooni means outside the cycle of birth & rebirth

Sai-Bhang - Sai (Self) Bhang (Created), Onkaar is created from its own, the creation is part of Onkaar

Gur-Prasad - Only with the mercy (Prasad) of a Guru one can understand the Onkaar

The term Guru means "Gu" (Darkness) "Ru" (Bright) thus, guru enlightens from the darkness of ignorance to the brightness of knowledge. To understand Onkaar, read "Granth Sahib", the living Guru!

Principles of Sikhism

"Naam Japna" - Meditate on Onkaar

"Vandh Chhakna" - Share the earnings

"Kirat Karna" - Earn through good deeds

This Site's Mission

Spread awareness about Sikhism and its belief system in the most simple form

This Site's Vision

Faith is more than religion, it's about a relationship between an individual and the all permeate force; together, we make faith worth living.

Sikh means "Shishya", a learner

What is Sikhism?

Sikhsim is a a way of living, not just a faith

Educating Sikhism

Restrictions in Sikhism

No Consumption of Tobacco 

No Consumption of Sacrificial Meat (e.g. Halal)

No Disrespect to Any Body Parts (e.g. piercing, tattoos)

No Physical Relationships Outside Marriage

No Killing of Girls Fetus/Female Infanticide